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first two mermaid photographs are some of our first snapshots of Rebecciolia. She certainly wasn't shy. Eventually she came to trust us, and usually greets us on our dives.

You can see a picture of her showing us her string of seapearls on the home page.

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Our family has been involved in deep-sea diving and treasure hunting for as long as I can remember. Much research has been done in the location of  sunken ships and the history of those ships.

Our search for merpeople started about two years ago (when we made first contact with a  merchild. Our first sighting was in the Atlantic, off of the coast of Fort Pierce in Florida (by coincidence, it was not far from the nuclear power plant). We caught a glimpse of long raven-black hair, followed by the flip of a tail. At first it was hard to believe, but now, after confirming sightings in other areas, we are sure she was our first glimpse at these magnificent creatures. A few sightings have been made several miles out from Cape Cod. Taking photographs of these elegant creatures is a difficult feat, though recently several of the merpeople have become less wary. A lot of the photographs are blurred or in shadow. It seems that the merfolk travel in very deep waters.

The merpeople in the Atlantic, off of Cape Cod have become more accustomed to us. We try to maintain our distance, so as not to break their trust. The merchildren seem much more willing to swim closer. (Though I'm sure that their clan has no worries about their safety - always keeping a watchful eye - not to mention that a merchild can swim away with astounding speed if so desired).

In our extensive deep-sea travels, we have also sighted a small clan of merfolk off the waters of Nova Scotia (between Prince Edward Island and Pleasant Bay), though at this point have not gotten a decent photo of this group. We will be traveling there again within the next few months. Here's hoping we have better luck.

Rare photograph of a Merchild. This underwater photograph was taken by
my brother while deep-sea diving five miles out from Cape Cod.

My brother thought that he only got one picture of the Merchild (top photo).
Image his surprise when this developed from his other roll of film!



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Thought you might be interested in this mermaid sighting.
The mermaid's name is "Venus Day," who lives part of the day on land (with her human mate) and the rest in the water.

Photo captured by Team Tail Man, Tail Man Productions.


Mermaid Venus disappears into the depths.

Photo captured by Team Tail Man, Tail Man Productions.

A Special Thanks to Tail Man Productions for capturing these rare and beautiful photographs. Thank you for sending them to post with our other Mermaids Sightings!  ~ Pearl


These are Pieces of Eight, part of our findings in a dive off of the east coast of Florida last September.