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Also see our


CLICK HERE to add mermaid music to your UnderSea Experience. If you are prompted to Open or Save file, just click on Open and enjoy. The midi is named "BySea2."


Blue Crab

We found this little guy on the beach on the East Coast of Florida on Christmas Day, 2001. When we found him (during a cold spell)  he was half-stuck in the sand, nothing more than bird bait. We brought him inside, warmed him up and later put him back in a crab hole. BELOW ARE SOME PICTURES THAT DEPICT HIS ADVENTURES.

We placed him in the shower, the condo was much warmer than the outside temperature.

Peace Man

Here is a snapshot of the Blue Crab (with my right-hand goofy adventurer) as we are about to release him back onto the beach. The weather finally warmed up (a little bit) around 3:00 p.m.