I'd like to be...under the sea...in an octopuses garden with you!

The Beatles

This Beautiful Mermaid is a gift from Berkanna

She had left the sea when the moon was waning, and had stayed on the surface in her human form far too long. If she stayed in her transitioned state any longer, she would never be able to change back into a mermaid again. She already knew the transition would be difficult...and she knew she had to make a choice. She had enjoyed her time as a human, enjoyed the many pleasures, not to be hers as a mermaid: dancing on two legs, visiting all the various shops and buildings...the museum with those huge sculptures, her favorite place. She knew she would long for all the smells, and sights, and sounds of the city. The decision was a difficult one, but once she made it, she tallied not, and bound herself into the sea.
The almost ice-cold water enveloped her face, and the shock of it was surprising to her. Down she sunk, lower, lower...her lungs filled with water, and she felt like her chest would explode. She knew she was drowning. Slowly, the feeling passed, and her gills immerged, flapping gently open from her neck and chest. She was able to gain composure and straighten herself to face upward...staring up through the more than eighty feet of water.
Then the blinding pain came, as her legs started to merge into a tail and fin, each scale bursting forward in layers, to cover and protect her. She knew she had been out of the water too long. As the pain eased and her two legs became one strong, powerful tail, her finger-webbing slowly formed, knitting itself in an almost surreal way. She smiled and glanced at her hands in wonder.
As her pale, lower appendage slowly changed into a shimmery silverish-green hue, and her transformation was almost complete, she burst into a swim, diving down to lower levels, leaving a tiny wake of bubbles behind. As she neared the deep, darker ocean floor, her ultraviolet vision came into clear focus.
Feeling the cool embrace of the ocean, seeing again the unique creatures many humans have never seen, and experiencing the unique unity - the harmony of millions under the sea - that only a mermaid could appreciate....she knew she had made the right choice.

Written by

on August 25, 2003

Copyright 2003, Merchild.com

She didn't understand the legends
about mermaids
Who wished to walk on land,
rather than swim in the sea

She didn't understand the stories
about mermaids
Who teased sailors abroad
with flips of their tail and hair.

She didn't understand the songs
about mermaids
Who pined for lost loves
of human men.

She only understood the pure joy of being
a Mermaid
Of swimming in the vast oceans;
Staying deep in the mysterious blue...
...and a love of all the sea creatures
too numerous to list.

She embraced the pure speed of being
a Mermaid
Traveling in the limitless seas,
leaving a trail of tiny bubbles
as the fins of her tail formed
a miniature wave.

  She marveled at the language that only
a Mermaid
could share with fellow ocean-dwellers...
...a pitch so out of reach
and so secret
from land dwelling inhabitants.

She understood that she was part
of the Sea.

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Copyright 2002-2004, Merchild.com


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