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Copyright 2000-2004  Bruce DeBoer
and are used with permission.

CLICK HERE to add mermaid music to your UnderSea Experience. If you are prompted to Open or Save file, just click on Open and enjoy. The midi is named "Mystery."



Mermaid / Sea-Based Links

View the Beautiful Mermaid Artwork of Russ Horseman

Underwater Exploration and Treasure Hunting, Underwater Archeology

Boating, fishing, and  beautiful body-painting can be found at South Florida Jim

Mermaid Tail Rentals can be found here

Other Links

Another wonderful tubes source: PSP Tubes

Want to polish some gems? How about create them on Paint Shop Pro?

Excellent psp tutorials can be found at Designs by Joy.

A fun science fiction/fantasy site can be found at

Explore the wonderful fantasy art of Michael Whelan

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